Highly versatile, generic, easy to use and affordable consumables for the 3D cell culture.

These consumables allow a yet unreached precision in reproducing the cell or micro-organs micro-environments which are now known as key to understanding the actual cells’ behavior and reaction to treatments.

Pickcell Lab products are high throughput and are optimized for super high-resolution microscopy. (x100)

They come on glass coverslip or directly in Petri Dish and do not require you to transfer your culture to another device. They are to be used exactly the same way you use your existing larger 2D cell culture dishes.


A range of consumables for phenotypic studies in in-vivo like micro- environments






Membwell consists in micro-wells of various sizes and shapes, that are customizable with a combination of bio-elements, to reproduce in-vivo conditions in a in-vitro environment. These micro-wells for 3D cell culture can be used for single cell study, to grow organoids, or to screen drugs using a phenotypic approach.






The upcoming Migration Assay allows to sort heterogeneous cells
based on their migratory characteristics in different environments and to retrieve them,
living and intact, for further omnic or drug screening.World’s first migration assay that enables isolation and sorting of cells based on migration as a phenotype.

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“The concept of the niche is central to stem cell biology.  Pickcell has a brilliant future in the field”

Prof M. Fiona Watts

“Controlling cell culture conditions in 3D allows the development of novel and more realistic in vitro models for diseases. Pickcell technologies are advancing the frontiers in the field and providing important new resources for research and development.”

David Virshup

Force and genes go hand in hand during the development of an organ. Their intricate interplay is often hard to disentangle. Creating “controllable biophysical” conditions for cell growth, Membwell approaches coupled to the soSPIM imaging are undoubtedly valuable assets in advancing developmental biology”

Prof. Thomas Lecuit

Organoids are set to lead the future of Phenotypic Drug Discovery (PDD), where rapid advances in tissue engineering and miniaturized organ development are transcending the drug discovery landscape. Membwell is uniquely designed to offer a very appealing approach to control and monitor organoid growth.”


Prof. Roger D. Kamm

“Cells are normally controlled by their environment, we know it, but we are just scratching the surface of how they sense it. The Membwell and SoSPIM technologies will surely be part of tomorrow’s tools to increase our understanding of mechanobiology.”

Prof. Michael Scheetz

“Cancer metastasis is the leading cause of death in cancer patients. The biomedical research community has been eagerly waiting for new diagnostic and drug screening tools to address metastasis.  Pickcell has now developed remarkable, versatile and very cheap microdevices which will bring cancer research to a new frontier.”

Prof. Jean Paul Thiery

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