3D Cell Culture 101: An Introduction to 3D Cell Culture Tools and Techniques

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“If you are new to 3D, what do you choose?

Scaffold-free platforms for spheroid growth

For decades, three-dimensional (3D) cell culture has been employed by tissue engineers, stem cell scientists, cancer researchers and cell biologists, largely in university settings. The development of new materials or methods has been driven by the desire of these scientists to incorporate experimental systems that better represent the in vivo environment into their research. Early adopters of 3D cell culture technology have reaped the benefits of better data with groundbreaking knowledge of tissue and cancer behavior.

3D cell culture methods were once expensive, messy, laborious, and difficult to adapt to existing procedures. Today, researchers can pick among an array of 3D cell culture tools, ranging from simple to complex, to fit their specific needs. Segmentation of the 3D cell culture choices into discrete categories demonstrates a new maturation in the market. As the number of 3D cell culture options has grown, publications proving their importance have exploded in numbers (Figure 1).



Figure 1. Publications referencing 3D cell culture have grown dramatically in the last several years. Each line on the graph represents a separate search for three-dimensional cell culture plus the additional listed search term. A small degree of overlap is possible.

If you are new to 3D, what do you choose?”

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