Pickcell Lab got recently attributed a SGD500,000 grant by SPRING and we are looking to raise SGD 2,5 million to cover our commercialization, industrialization, and operational expenses for the coming 3 years.

Why investing in Pickcell Lab?

Rapid ROI: While being a Biotech company, our market segment is free from Clinical testing or FDA clearance which shortens the usually lengthy ROI in this industry: Pickcell Lab shall be break-even first half of 2021.

Minimal investment required thanks to Low product development cost: Our close collaboration with the inventing team gives us access to NUS and SUTD Lab Facilities (RCA), their Scientific expertise & their International network of key opinion leader’s labs. The agreements signed between NUS and SUTD secures both the product and its production line development until the market traction is demonstrated.

A combination of Key Growth Drivers that secure the growth potential: The Major shift from traditional 2D cell culture method to 3D technics combined with the pressing need to reduce the animal testing and the rise of personalised medicine are 3 major trends of the past 5 years that are now creating a massive and new opportunity for tools that mimic in-vivo conditions.

Diversified risk: 3 product lines with wide applications in various fields increase the probability of success/ market pick-up.

Now in the Proof of Value phase with a 1st product launch in December 2017, and 2 more early 2018, It is the good moment to step in this arena with limited risks and a X5 ROI in 5 years.