Motisort – Metastasis Simplified

Metastasis is attributed to be the main cause of cancer lethality, with approx. 90% of the deaths from solid tumors can be attributed to metastatic dissemination. As metastasis is a multi-stage process that takes place over time with multiple cross-functional pathways, appropriate tools to monitor inhibition of migration, tumor invasion and metastasis.

The concept of metastasis has been addressed in two dimensions by Motisort namely:

  • Tool for Phenotypic Drug Discovery (PDD)
  • Personalised Medicine in Cancer

Metastasis Simplified

Tool for Phenotypic Drug Discovery (PDD): Multiple mechanistic pathways synchronously alter tumor cells that trigger the metastatic process in cancer progression. Despite the advancements in various drugs for cancer therapy, the 5-year survival rate for cancer patients initially diagnosed with metastatic disease remains abysmally low.  Hence there is an active and growing interest in the discovery towards novel target pathways for anti-metastatics that can certainly improve the overall Progression-Free-Survival PFS in cancer patients.

Personalised Medicine In Cancer: Motisort™ is currently undergoing clinical trials for personalised medicine using patient derived organoids. Using patient derived organoids with hetereogenous tumor sample, Motisort™ can be used to precisely identify the drug that inhibits metastasis that can be co-related to drug response in patient.